VRPy Documentation

VRPy is a python framework for solving instances of different types of Vehicle Routing Problems (VRP) including:

  • the Capacitated VRP (CVRP),

  • the CVRP with resource constraints,

  • the CVRP with time windows (CVRPTW),

  • the CVRP with simultaneous distribution and collection (CVRPSDC),

  • the CVRP with heterogeneous fleet (HFCVRP).

Check out section Vehicle Routing Problems to find more variants and options.

VRPy relies on the well known NetworkX package (graph manipulation), as well as on cspy, a library for solving the resource constrained shortest path problem.


There is no guarantee that VRPy returns the optimal solution. See section Mathematical Background for more details, and section Performance profiles for performance comparisons with OR-Tools.


Romain Montagné (r.montagne@hotmail.fr)

David Torres Sanchez (d.torressanchez@lancs.ac.uk)



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